Sunroom Makeover

Job Location: Colovale

At Signature Pergolas and Decks, located in the heart of Illawarra, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, modern renovations that stand the test of time. Our recent project is a testament to this commitment. Serving the Illawarra area, we transformed an outdated sunroom into a sleek, functional space that our clients can enjoy year-round.

The property featured an existing sunroom that, while functional, lacked character and aesthetic appeal. Our client sought a design that would not only modernise the space but also enhance its usability. Trusting in our expertise, they tasked us with creating a space that would be both stylish and durable.

We began by designing a new sunroom that would seamlessly blend with the existing structure while introducing modern elements. To ensure year-round functionality, we incorporated an insulated pergola. This addition provides extra cover, making the space usable in all weather conditions.

During the project, the client decided to further enhance the area by replacing an existing pergola and screen. We installed an insulated pergola and added aluminium privacy screens on both sides. This not only improved the aesthetic appeal but also ensured privacy and comfort.

The structure was completed in a classic Cream with an Off White ceiling, creating a clean, cohesive look. High-quality, insulated materials were used to ensure durability and comfort, regardless of the weather. Aluminium privacy screens were added to both sides of the pergola, enhancing privacy while maintaining an open, airy feel.

The transformation was remarkable. The new sunroom and pergola combination has not only increased the functionality of the space but also added significant aesthetic value to the property. The clean lines and modern design have given the area a new lease on life, making it a favourite spot for the homeowners.

To truly appreciate the transformation, we invite you to check out the before, during, and after photos of this project. The images showcase the dramatic improvement and the high-quality workmanship that Signature Pergolas and Decks is known for.

At Signature Pergolas and Decks, we are dedicated to creating spaces that our clients love. This project in Colovale is just one example of how we turn outdated areas into beautiful, functional living spaces. If you’re considering a home improvement project in the Illawarra area, contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your vision.

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