Stratco Cooldek Riser Pergola and Composite Deck

Job Location: Edmondson Park

Check out this recent project completed by the Signature Pergolas and Decks team, which has transformed outdoor living and entertainment for this lucky family. The installation of a Stratco Cooldek Riser Pergola and a low-maintenance Composite Deck has not only boosted the visual appeal of their residence but has also significantly expanded their alfresco space, crafting the ultimate outdoor entertaining area!

Grasping the homeowners’ dream of a flawless fusion between functionality and elegance, the Signature Pergolas and Decks team ensured the new additions perfectly complemented the existing structure of the home. This was achieved through the careful selection of materials and colours.

The highlight of this outdoor makeover is the Stratco Cooldek Riser Pergola. Its framework was chosen in the eye-catching Monument color, crowned with Stratco’s cutting-edge Cooldek twinwall panels in Grey. This setup not only offers vital shade and shelter from the weather but also enhances the area’s overall thermal comfort, making it an ideal spot for entertainment throughout the year.

Accompanying the pergola is the freshly installed Composite Deck in the shade of Shark Grey. This color choice not only aligns with the outdoor area’s modern and chic theme but also provides a practical benefit to the homeowners. Composite decking is renowned for its minimal maintenance needs, avoiding the typical drawbacks of traditional wood decking such as warping, fading, and the need for regular staining. This allows for more time to be spent relishing the outdoors, rather than upkeeping it.

The incorporation of these features has not only enlarged the alfresco space but has also fashioned a multifaceted outdoor living area that is ideal for any event, from relaxed family meals to grand gatherings. By merging top-notch materials like the Stratco Cooldek and Composite Decking, and with a deep understanding of the homeowners’ dreams for their outdoor space, Signature Pergolas and Decks has delivered a project that will be cherished for many years ahead. Interested in elevating your outdoor entertaining experience? Reach out to us today for a free quote where our team can arrange on onsite visit to your property anywhere in the Illawarra, from Helensburgh to Wollongong, Shellharbour and everywhere in between!