Stratco Cooldek Pergola with Riser Brackets & Enclosed Sides

Job Location: Harrington Park

When it comes to enhancing outdoor living spaces, striking the right balance between functionality and visual appeal is crucial. The team at Signature Pergolas and Decks were recently engaged to build a custom-designed Stratco Outback Cooldek Pergola for a cozy nook on the side of a residence in Harrington Park, transforming it into a versatile area for the homeowner to enjoy regardless of the weather. This addition stands out with its elegant riser brackets and smartly enclosed sides.

Opting for a frame color in Night Sky not only provides a striking contrast but also harmonises perfectly with the home’s existing window and door frames. The inclusion of riser brackets enhances both the visual and practical aspects of the pergola, doing more than just adding height; they lend the space a sense of gradeur. The sides of the pergola are enclosed with twinwall polycarbonate sheets in a soft grey, a choice that complements the Night Sky frame beautifully, creating a unified and elegant exterior. The enclosed sides form a cozy retreat, shielding it from the weather while still letting in plenty of natural light, ensuring the area stays bright and inviting all day long.

A key feature of this pergola is the insulated roof panel system from the Stratco Outback Cooldek range, which stands out as the highlight. It offers a reprieve from the intense heat of the sun and adds to the pergola’s modern, sleek appearance. These panels play a crucial role in keeping the alcove’s temperature comfortable, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and entertainment throughout the year.

We think this project represents more than just an enhancement to the home; it’s an upgrade to the homeowner’s lifestyle, demonstrating the potential of thoughtful design and superior craftsmanship. Are you ready to elevate your unique outdoor area? Reach out to us today for a free quote where our team can arrange on onsite visit to your property anywhere in the Illawarra, from Helensburgh to Wollongong, Shellharbour and everywhere in between!